Emergency Care

When you first get your braces, it is not uncommon to experience a bit of soreness as the teeth start moving.  Fortunately, it is comforting to know there are very few true orthodontic emergencies.  Most problems can be remedied at home.  If you think you may have an emergency, the first step is to determine the severity of the problem: Is it an urgent situation that requires immediate attention or a minor problem you can take care of yourself until your next scheduled visit?

A major emergency

There are only a few true orthodontic emergencies. They are:

  • Infection or swelling of the gums, mouth and teeth
  • Severe unmanageable discomfort or pain in the facial areas
  • Trauma or injury to the teeth, face or mouth

For true emergencies, please contact our office or your dentist as soon as possible. Your dentist is trained to handle a range of dental problems. For example, if you break and fracture a tooth due to an accident, your dentist will treat the immediate problem by restoring the broken and fractured tooth. After the tooth has been restored, your orthodontic treatment plan can be adjusted as needed. Likewise, severe toothache could be a sign of infection, which is typically treated by a dentist.

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