In-Ovation® is a whole new way of straightening teeth.

Dr. Leo Lou is pleased to offer his patients self-ligating In-Ovation® braces: a new system of straightening teeth.  This system use a sliding mechanism to reduce the pressure placed on the teeth, allowing teeth to move more comfortably and predictably.  With In-Ovation® system, you can achieve your new smile easier than you can imagine.


In-Ovation® is a self-ligating braces system that allows precise control and movement of teeth through an interactive clip on the braces.  The interactive clip eliminates the need for uncomfortable “ties” on the teeth.  With a tie-less braces system, the path to your new smile is faster and more comfortable.

  • Traditional Braces with “ugly ties”
    (Courtesy of GAC Dentsply)


  • In-Ovation® System with Interactive clip
    (Courtesy of GAC Dentsply)


Treatment Time

The timed needed to complete your treatment varies case by case.  Typically, treatment time with In-Ovation® braces tends to be faster than conventional braces.  Because there are no “ties” to change, fewer appointments are required during treatment.


Even though the In-Ovation® system moves teeth efficiently and quickly, the use of low friction and low force means, less potential discomfort to you.  The use of light flexible wires further reduces potential discomfort while guiding your teeth into ideal position.


As there is no “ties” around In-Ovation® braces, the tendency to attract and collect plaques is reduced.  The discrete In-Ovation® braces make your dental hygiene easier during treatment.

Please call our office at 403-984-9194 to learn more about treatment options we offer, or book your free orthodontic consultation.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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