Jaw Surgery

While many bite problems are frequently the results of crooked teeth, occasionally, a bad bite could be the result of a sizing problem between the top and bottom jaws.  This means the bony bases of the upper and lower jaws supporting the teeth are not positioned properly to each other.  This would cause bad bites such as underbite, crossbite, open bite or large overbite possibly requiring correction with jaw surgery.

Who can benefit from jaw surgery?

When a person has a bad bite, but still has active skeletal growth, braces treatment alone could correct the bad bite. But once a person reached about 16 to 18 years old, and has minimal or no more skeletal growth, jaw surgery may be the best solution for these non-growing patients. In severe cases of bad bites, the jaw imbalance may cause poor facial balance, which negatively affects the appearance of the person. In this case, jaw surgery may be the solution in restoring the facial balance.

How does jaw surgery work?

In order to obtain best treatment outcome, jaw surgery is frequently performed with braces. The purpose of braces is to set up the teeth properly so when jaw surgery is done, the teeth will fit properly when the jaws are set in the new position. In other words, every patient that is undergoing jaw surgery will require a period of time in braces. After the jaw surgery, braces are usually worn for another 6-12 months to fine tune the new bite before complete removal of braces.

Benefits of jaw surgery

Jaw surgery is one of the most complex orthodontic procedures and requires a team of orthodontist, oral surgeon and your family dentist working together to achieve the best result. It is, however, the most effective procedure in producing a dramatic and uplifting improvement in facial appearance while correcting a bad bite in non-growing patients.

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