Once you have completed your orthodontic treatment at Central Orthodontics, your braces will be removed by Dr. Leo Lou. You will then enter into the most exciting and most important phase of your braces treatment – retention. Teeth can shift back quickly to their original position if they are not retained. You have worked hard at achieving your new smile and we will work together to maintain your new smile. At Central Orthodontics, we work hard to supply you with proper fitting retainers to ensure your teeth stay perfectly aligned.

Removable Retainers

These are retainers that can be removed by you for eating and brushing. They fit over the entire arch of your teeth and are comfortable to wear. They will work effectively if you are able and willing to wear them in your mouth.

Wire Fixed Retainers

One of the best ways to ensure your teeth especially the lower front teeth, do not move is to stabilize them with a fixed wire retainer. The wire retainer is bonded and glued onto the back of your front teeth. It is comfortable and easy to maintain. Be sure to brush it gently every time you brush your teeth. If the wire retainer breaks, give our office a call immediately to prevent tooth movement.

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Whether you receive a wire retainer or removable retainer or both types of retainers from our office, you should wear retainers on a daily basis per the Retainer Instruction Sheet you received on the day your braces were removed. After several months of being braces free, your teeth will settle and fit into a more comfortable position. Our office will reassess your teeth and you may start wearing your retainers only at night. No matter what, your retainers should be worn indefinitely for as long as you would like your teeth to stay straight, provided you are able to keep your teeth clean with the retainers in the mouth.

Retainer wear to maintain your beautiful smile

Central Orthodontics works hard to ensure you are receiving great orthodontic care to straighten your teeth and boost your confidence. Please remember, teeth have a tendency to move. It is essential you wear your retainers as prescribed. Contact our office at 403-984-9194 if there is a concern about your retainers.

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